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501c-3 Approval

We are proud to announce that Unite Sussex has officially been approved for 501c-3 Non Profit Status!  We wanted to celebrate that with you as you share this holiday season with your friends and family.

With this approval, Unite Sussex now has access to apply for more grants. It also means that any donations made to Unite Sussex are now tax deductible.  If you are considering any end of the year charitable giving, Unite Sussex is now a great option!

Thank you all for a great year.  We are just getting starting and are really excited about the coming year.  From everyone here at Unite Sussex, we hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Four Priorities of Unite Sussex

UNITE SUSSEX seeks to foster this collaboration to bring hope to those how are struggling.

After spending almost a year holding town meetings and listening to the community, UNITE SUSSEX began to organize and work toward consensus building and problem solving.  First, we defined the issues and priorities that were of greatest concern—those issues that weakened our neighborhoods and our community.  Our newly committed board of directors decided that our program priorities would be substance abuse, homelessness, mentoring and community transition.  It was an easy choice.


  • With the closing of the Ellendale Detoxification Center, those in our community reaching out for help were suddenly forced to travel to Wilmington for assistance.

  • Homelessness is on the rise in Sussex County and the lack of family oriented shelters forced families to separate in order to find shelter and get back on their feet.

  • Mentoring programs are not as affective as they could be because of the lack of volunteers wishing to serve as mentors and a consolidated approach to matching the children/teens to a qualified adult.

  • As our small towns face issues that have plagued large cities for decades, administrators have reached out for help to governments, non-profits, individuals and faith based organizations to work toward maintaining the integrity of our communities.


UNITE SUSSEX has stepped forward to take a leadership role in solving these issues and we pledge to work with existing non-profit organizations, government officials, leaders in the faith based community and individuals to strengthen our neighborhoods and help create a healthy and positive Sussex County.

Thank You Volunteers

It has been a few weeks since our Amazing Challenge and we wanted to just say a big THANK YOU!!!!! to all of our volunteers who helped to make the day so much fun.  Without a doubt, we couldn’t have done it without you!.  Here are a few pictures of some of our priceless volunteers.  Also, if you haven’t seen it already, check out our highlight video from the Amazing Challenge and I bet you will be able to spot a few more volunteers.

Amazing Challenge Video

If you missed the Amazing Challenge, here is a quick highlight video that you can check out!!  Thanks again for making this event a huge success.

And The Winner Is…..

AND THE WINNER IS…… CROSSFIT REHOBOTH Jessica and Chris Beebe!!!!  Jessica and Chris flew through the Amazing Challenge on Saturday to break all anticipated records for reaching the finish line.  Pictured above is Pastor Kim Tepabock, chairperson of UNITE SUSSEX with Chris and Jessica.   Jessica and Chris are a living advertisement for their fitness center.   They pushed and pulled and were so focused.    They are the ones to beat next year!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this Amazing Challenge a huge success.  Keep an eye out for some more pictures and videos of the race.


Video For Amazing Challenge

Here is a video that was produced to show at local churches concerning Unite Sussex and The Amazing Challenge.  Feel free to share this video to help spread the word!

There is still time to sign your team up for the Amazing Challenge. Contact us today!!

New Online Donate Button

As is the case with all non-profit organizations, raising funds is a major part of our life.  We have found a way to help make it extremely easy to give your support to helping Unite Sussex achieve success in its mission.

You will begin seeing this donate button throughout the website and on Unite Sussex correspondance.  We would encourage you to show your support by donating via this simple process.  We would also appreciate your help in spreading the word about the online donate button.  We hope to have available links and widgets soon for you to post on your own site s and blogs.

Thanks so very much!  Don’t forget to check out the Amazing Challenge coming up on October 9th.

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