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Video For Amazing Challenge

Here is a video that was produced to show at local churches concerning Unite Sussex and The Amazing Challenge.  Feel free to share this video to help spread the word!

There is still time to sign your team up for the Amazing Challenge. Contact us today!!


New Online Donate Button

As is the case with all non-profit organizations, raising funds is a major part of our life.  We have found a way to help make it extremely easy to give your support to helping Unite Sussex achieve success in its mission.

You will begin seeing this donate button throughout the website and on Unite Sussex correspondance.  We would encourage you to show your support by donating via this simple process.  We would also appreciate your help in spreading the word about the online donate button.  We hope to have available links and widgets soon for you to post on your own site s and blogs.

Thanks so very much!  Don’t forget to check out the Amazing Challenge coming up on October 9th.

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