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Pepsi Refresh Grant

We are so excited!  Unite Sussex is in the running again this month for a $25,000 grant.  The grant is being offered through Pepsi. The best way to explain the contest is to compare it to American Idol. We submitted our request for the grant and then Pepsi reviewed the thousands of requests and picked our community project as one of the worthy causes.  We have a short time, only one month to be in the top 10 organizations voted for to receive the grant. There are over 1000 organizations in the running and we are currently low 100’s. In order to win, we need you to VOTE us to the top 10. Vote every day until March 31st. 25K if won, will go to improving a local community park, summer children’s program, and homelessness. Just a small part of the big picture for Unite Sussex.

Help us and do your part and vote:

How to vote:

The Pepsi website is

  • Once you are at the Unite Sussex/Pepsi page you will see the vote button at the top right hand corner of the page. Click once on VOTE and then you will be asked to sign in.
  • If you have a facebook account, you may use that to sign in; if not you will need to create a log in for the website.
  • Once you are signed in, you will see your user id at the bottom left hand side of the page.
  • You must click on VOTE again to actually vote for Unite Sussex for the day.
  • After you have successfully voted, the web page will show “now promote it” where the vote icon was.

How to promote:

  1. Facebook
  • After you have voted you will see  “now promote it”  with an arrow pointing to several promotion icons. One will be the facebook icon.
  • Click on the Facebook icon, a new window will appear. If you are not already logged into facebook, you will be asked to.
  • The link for Pepsi Refresh will already be attached to an update. All you need to do is enter in an Update, i.e. Vote for Unite Sussex.
  • Click Update
  • Your facebook profile will already be updated with your comment and the Pepsi Refresh link.
  1. Twitter
  • After you have voted you will see  “now promote it”  with an arrow pointing to several promotion icons. One will be the Twitter icon.
  • Click on the Twitter icon, a new window will appear and direct you to your twitter page.
  • You can send a tweet out, with the Pepsi Refresh link attached.
  1. Widgets
  • On the page where you vote,, there are two additional ways to help promote Unite Sussex.
  • Scroll down the page a little and you will find a way to post a widget on your blog, instructions are included.  This will allow people who visit your personal blog to vote for Unite Sussex without leaving your website.
  • There is also a way to place a application on your facebook page that will allow people to vote directly from your profile.
  1. Tell everyone you know.

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