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New Video Message From Kim Tephabock.

This video was recorded shortly after the first Town Hall Meeting on July 18th.   Thanks so much for being part of the conversation.


Town Hall Meeting Scheduled!!!

The date is set!! Mark your calendars now!

Thursday, November 12th at 7pm
Cheer Center
Georgetown, DE

We are bringing together as many civic leaders, elected officials form local and state levels, churches, non-profits, advocacy groups, and such, as possible to one place and one time.  We are also inviting anyone who is hurting, in need, marginalized, alienated, homeless, etc.  Our goal is to first foster cooperation between the many groups so that those who are in need can be helped more efficiently.  We also want to help publicize services that are available that many people may not know about.  We want to here from our elected officials to find out where they see the need to be and to express where non-government groups see the needs to be.  By Uniting we can do so much more.

You can find directions to the Cheer Center by clicking here.  If you are a group or non-profit and would like to reserve a display table, please email us as soon as possible.

Please help us spread the word about this meeting.  Invite anyone who may be in need and doesn’t know where to turn.  Invite those you know who want to make a positive difference and aren’t sure where to begin.  Invite your co-workers, family, churches, neighbors, etc.  Together, we can Unite Sussex so that we can share hope with everyone.

We have also just sent off the graphics to the printers for the billboards that were donated to us.  You should see them going up around Sussex County soon!  Use them as a conversation starter; a way to help spread the word and to ultimately spread hope.

We are putting the final touches on our Unite Sussex Directory which should be available before the November 12th meeting.  The community calendar is also moving forward.  Keep the dates coming!!

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