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We Are Overwhelmed…. And That Is Great!!

Wow, thank you so much. We have been blown away with how many people are interested in being a part of this movement. Every day we receive more people signing up for the newsletter and becoming partners of Unite Sussex. We are not satisfied yet though. We want everyone!! Continue to tell your friends and colleagues to join the conversation.

We also have been overwhelmed with calls from people who have very real needs in our community. Because of the connections that we have made through Unite Sussex we have been able to direct people to the appropriate resource (YOU) so that they could receive the help they need. THIS IS GREAT! That means that Unite Sussex is doing what it was intended to do…. help those in need connect with available resources in effective and efficient ways. But, the need is great and the calls are too much for us to handle alone. We are asking for anyone who would like to volunteer their time to come in and help answer phones and do some data entry on a computer to contact us via email. This volunteer position will require someone with good phone and computer skills. Someone who has compassion for others and their situations. The volunteer must be willing to listen and talk with callers sometimes up to an hour or more. If this sounds like something for you, please contact us by emailing your contact information to us and also a brief description of yourself (work history, skills, goals).

We are close to scheduling our next Town Hall Meeting. We are meeting today with a venue to try and solidify the date and location. Stay connected, we will let you know as soon as we know.

Watch for Unite Sussex around the county on some billboards as well. We have been graciously donated some space to help spread the word about this effort.


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