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Thanks To Everyone!

Patro Kim Tephabock Unite SussexWe made it through our first Unite Sussex Town Hall Meeting and let’s just say it was hot.  REALLY HOT!!  As you know, the Millville Fire Hall graciously hosted Unite Sussex for the evening.   We had over 150 people come out in 90 degree plus heat!  Connections were made, thoughts were shared, and we were very encouraged by the support and commitment of our community servants.  We wanted to say a heartfelt THANKS YOU to everyone who took part in this event.  We are more excited and determined than ever to help UNITE SUSSEX!!  Here is what one local newspaper had to say about the evening.

The real work has just begun though.  It is important that we continue to communicate with one another.  That we share resources.  That we begin to Unite with each other to see those in need helped.  There are a couple of ways that would help keep the conversation going.  Sign up for our newsletter so you keep up on current information being shared through UNITE SUSSEX.  You can also share your information with so that we can help tell others about what you and your organizations are doing.  We can place links to your website, contact information, and event calendars on our site to continue to UNITE all of us.

Let’s keep the conversation going!!


Unite Sussex In the Media

Hard to believe that the first Unite Sussex Town Hall Meeting is actually going to be happening tomorrow evening at the Millville Fire Hall at 6pm.  Some many people have come together to make this event possible.  At the center of everything is a group of passionate pastors and their congregations from the SOUTHEAST SUSSEX MINISTERIUM.  There is a truly unique collaboration amongst this group that is very refreshing.  So, well done everyone, we have started something great and something that is going to make a difference in people’s lives.

We continue to get confirmations from groups and elected officials who plan to be at the meeting.  Hopefully you have made plans to be there as well.  Unite Sussex has also been in the media recently.   Here are some links if you want to check out a few of the articles.

Please help us spread the word any way you can.  Hope to see you there.

Meeting Is This Thursday!!!

We are so excited that the date of our first UNITE SUSSEX Town Hall Meeting is upon us. The response from the community and its leaders has been great. OVER 30 ORGANIZATIONS have committed to being part of the conversation! From Habitat for Humanity to Easter Seals. From Catholic Charities to the Lions Club. We are so thankful for your willingness to step out and join together with others in the community to make our county a better place for everyone.

Also, attending the meeting will be many of our elected officials or representatives from their offices. From the state level on down to our city mayors, we have had a great response. Not to mention numerous churches and individuals in our area who care for those who are in need.

THE REAL QUESTION IS: will YOU be there? Please join us and help us Unite Sussex.

July 16th at the Millville, DE Fire Hall at 7-9 pm.

Press Release

We just sent out our first press release about Unite Sussex. If you know of any publications or media that we could submit the release to, please contact us and let us know. If you would like to view the press release, you can do so by downloading the word document here.

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